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Unique Health Benefits offered by our Infrared Saunas

The majority of our saunas are purchased by people with a range of health ailments including serious conditions such as cancer.

Hyper Wellbeing is an infrared sauna company specialising in Near – Far infrared saunas. We pride ourselves on our unique combination of both Near and Far infrared heater wavelengths into our indoor and outdoor saunas. These wavelengths offer unique health benefits not provided by the majority of saunas around the world.

We have plenty of stock available across our entire range, and 2 and 4 person outdoor saunas are now in stock as well.


Unlike steam saunas infrared saunas use a very comfortable dry heat at an adjustable temperature up to 60 degrees celsius.


Many people have reported huge improvements in their conditions after using our saunas. They are especially useful as home saunas for sport injury recovery.


Can be used to assist with a huge range of conditions and ailments, from arthritis and sore joints through to injury recovery and recuperation.


With patents pending on our unique technology, very few saunas in the world offer the same combination of heating technology as used in our saunas.

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