Why Add Near Infrared heat to a Sauna

Hyper Wellbeing are one of the very few sauna suppliers that go far and beyond the multitude of other sauna suppliers that simply offer Ceramic, Carbon, Nano or so called “Broad Spectrum” heaters to their saunas. These heaters are generally called “Far infrared heaters” and are what’s fitted to pretty much all saunas on the market. The infrared sauna benefits are vast but adding Near Infrared greatly increases the benefits over that of a standard sauna.

At Hyper Wellbeing we’re vastly different in our approach. We add a Pure Near Infrared heat of a very specific wavelength to our saunas. Near Infrared heat is proven to effectively penetrate deep within the body. Near Infrared heats far deeper than the standard Far infrared saunas can, providing unique benefits that nearly every other sauna on the market simply can’t offer.

We combine both Near and Far Infrared heat into our saunas for unique benefits.  Hyper Wellbeing offer the choice of a 1 person sauna, 2 person sauna or 4 person infrared home sauna fitted with both Near and Far infrared heaters. Our Near Infrared heat actually heats your body, and our specific wavelength of near infrared penetrates deep within your tissues offering many additional health benefits.



Near Infrared penetrates deeper and can help to strengthen the cardiovascular system, it can help with reduction in the risk of memory diseases and encourages a more efficient immune system. Near Infrared heat can also assist with wound healing and it increases blood flow and oxygenation of the tissues.


Near Infrared helps to stimulate collagen turnover thereby helping to rebuild and beautify the skin. Near infrared can do this as it can penetrate deep within the skin where wrinkles and many skin issues occur.


Near Infrared heat detoxifies the body of toxins and heavy metals by elimination of these substances through the body’s sweat. Sweat is often the most effective means of elimination of these substances and there’s no better way than in a comfortable home sauna to relax in and sweat it out!


Each infrared sauna session encourages the body to burn calories facilitating weight loss, increasing metabolism and energy. An infrared sauna session can often offer similar benefits to a moderate jog without the risk of injury.


Near infrared in the form of red heat ray lamps have been used for many years to offer pain relief to sufferers of arthritis, joint and muscle pain. Our saunas utilise a similar energy offering the same pain relief benefits. Our Near Infrared saunas encourage relief of stress, releases muscle tension and therefore relieves pain in joints & muscles.